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About Us

Foundation Hamidco pilot since 35 year in providing the best types of office furniture, under the supervision of the preparation of our staff experts using the most modern technologies in the field of furniture and the institution manufactures (offices wooden and metal - chairs of various kinds - different kinds of libraries - crews Antryhat wooden and metal - marble traveling full -- Construction salons - hangers - tin all kinds - chairs cinema halls, theatre) We, as an institution specializing in furniture and submitted to the individuals, government and private companies, there are several reasons for our choice by our customers, such as:

- Provide innovative models
- Last speeds execution and precision in delivery
- clients stisfaction and mutual respect
- Providing the service - a high quality product at a competitive price

Company History

Hamidco Foundation was founded in 1973 and has grown over the years because of the perfection in the management of customer relations and quality of raw materials and that the institution is capable of meeting the needs of clients of the disease innovation designs and models of Alentjat and emphasis on quality customer prior to the delivery and even reach the stage of delivery directly with the client and the breadth of our experience in this area made us able to communicate with our customers with an utmost professionalism and .achieve effective results in the area of furniture


We seek to provide our services in the field of metal and wooden furniture on the Principles of the firm, integration and transparency and satisfy our customers in terms of raw materials and competitive prices

Our Strategy

Our goal is to strengthen and expand our business as an institution in our strategy is the furniture

- Focus on customer needs
- Respond to the requests of customers in the fastest time possible

Work Operandi

We place quality and price competitive and respect for the customer in the first place

Our Commitment

- Impressive results
- Foundation list to communicate confidence and mutual respect and team
- Create new opportunities for the development of our products

What We Believe in

Our Customers deserve better and our efforts must always produce the best, and we believe in continual development in the types of products to satisfy our customers